Top 7 Best Email Address Validation Tools

Top 7 Best Email Address Validation Tools

Validation of email addresses is an important step in ensuring that your messages reach their intended recipients. A good validation tool will help you to identify and correct any errors in your email addresses before you send your message. There are a lot of different email address validation tools out there, but how do you know which validation tool is the best for your needs? In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most popular email validators and assist you in deciding which tool is right for you.

We’ll also examine some of the features of each one. If you’re searching for a good way to validate your email addresses or want to remove dangerous email addresses, read on to find everything.

Top 7 Best Email Address Validation Tools:


The most trusted email verification tool in the business, ZeroBounce is a must for any major corporation looking to verify their emails. It has multiple processes and numerous integrations, so you can be sure your customers will easily get what they need from every part of your organization.

ZeroBounce validation tool checks for spam traps and returns hard bounces and addresses that mark emails as potentially fake or misspelled. It will remove these bad- actors from your inbox, so you never have to worry about them.

Features Of ZeroBounce:

ZeroBounce Costs :

ZeroBounce provides membership plans and credits. Using credit is a pay-as-you-go method. The first 2,000 email verifications cost $16, starting at. With a 6% discount, premium subscriptions start at $15/month for 2,000 email confirmations.

With ZeroBounce’s freemium plan, which has a cap of 100 email verifications per month, you can get started without paying anything. Once you pay for credits or buy a subscription, you can no longer access these free verifications.

By inputting a single email address in the verification form on the homepage, you can alternatively test out ZeroBounce’s verification procedure quickly.

2. Mailfloss:

Mailfloss is the perfect solution for verifying your email list. You can integrate it with many providers and easily bulk verify all those on behalf of yourself or another person who may not have time to do so themselves.

You can automate the process of email verification using this tool. As You don’t have to think about manually checking if your emails are being sent out or not because it’s focused on automating that for you! This means less time wasted and more focus on what matters: growing business with ease.

Mailfloss detects invalid addresses, temporary emails, duplicate emails, and spam traps. It also removes emails with hard bounces and validates syntax errors. Mailfloss has a lot of features to help you succeed in your inbox. It not only checks for invalid addresses but also removes emails with hard bounces and validation errors like syntax wrongs.

Features Of Mailfloss:

Mailfloss Cost:

Mailfloss provides monthly subscriptions or one-time mass verifications. Only $200/month is charged for subscriptions that include up to 125,000 email verifications and start at $17/month for up to 10,000 email verifications. You’ll get two extra months for free if you choose to pay yearly.

 All plans also come with a seven-day free trial. You can buy credits if you do not wish to spend every month, you need to verify more than 125,000 emails, or you are using an email marketing service provider that Mailfloss does not officially support.


MailerCheck is an easy-to-use email validation platform that will keep you informed about any changes in your subscribers’ status. It’s built by the team behind MailerLite, one of the earth’s most popular and reliable marketing tools.

MailerLite is great for those who want their emails delivered quickly and efficiently. They have some of the most reliable rates in this industry, with 1 million customers to show it.

Their platform is the most sophisticated way to keep your business running smoothly. They check for inactive mailboxes, typos, and syntax errors as well!

Features Of MailerCheck:

MailerCheck Cost:

One-time credits are available and start at $10 for 1K email credits. The cost of each email verification drastically decreases as you buy more credits. Alternatively, a monthly membership would save you 20%.


Have you ever wondered how many individuals read your emails? EmailListVerify is a popular tool that can help with this. It has scanned over 5 billion email addresses and still going strong!

EmailListVerify is an amazing tool to have in your marketing arsenal. It can remove any invalid, inactive, or parked email addresses from your list while flagging temporary duplicates that may occur when someone signs up for multiple newsletters on the same day.

Email validation is the key to keeping your emails safe and avoiding any unpleasant surprises on their way into your inboxes. With this tool, you can check that each one passes inspection with flying colors before they’re sent out into cyberspace.

Features Of EmailListVerify:

EmailListVerify Cost:

With EmailListVerify, you may verify 1,000 addresses for $4 ($0.004/email), with a pay-as-you-go option. The price per email check drops as you request more checks.

The number of emails you must validate each day determines how many months you will pay. The savings offered by some products reach 50%. Up to 5,000 emails daily start at $139 per month.

5. Email Checker:

How do you know if your email is being bounced? Email Checker can help! This service has processed over 19 billion emails and prevented 1.3 billion bouncebacks so far with their clients, including Seagate Boxeo EE.

The tool’s verification process checks email addresses for validity and corrects them if necessary. Temporary emails generated by human error or typos will also be removed during this step, so you’ll never have an issue with them again.

For instance, changing “Gmail. cm” to “” Additionally, it detects emails with high bounce rates and eliminates them from your list using its catch-all verification tool.

Features Of Email Checker:

Email Checker Cost:

There are two ways to pay for Email Checker: with credits or a monthly subscription. There are 12 credit tiers and 12 subscription tiers altogether. Starting at $14 for 1,000 email verifications, the highest credit tier costs $2,499 for 2.5 million emails.

Plans range in price from $10 per month for 1,000 email verifications to $1,899 per month for 2.5 million emails. You must subscribe for a minimum of two months for each plan.

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6. Hunter:

Hunter is another powerful email outreach tool that comes with an innovative verifier. This ensures your emails reach the right people and boosts deliverability for all campaigns, whether big or small.

This email validation tool is a must for any business that needs to target new clients. It can help you find email addresses based on domain searches, first/last names, and even scanned-in emails.

The email verification tool is a great way to ensure your emails get where they need to go. It can detect invalid, temporary, or blocklisted addresses and those with hard bounces, so you don’t have surprises on the other end.

Features Of Hunter:

Hunter Cost:

Requests determine the costing scheme for Hunter. One domain search, one email finder inquiry, and one email verification all count as one request.

Plans with 1,000 requests start at €49 per month. This tool also has a free plan that allows for 50 requests each month.


NeverBounce is a growing company with an impressive list of clients. In just three years, they’ve managed to attract big-name customers like Uber and Dell while also expanding into new markets that haven’t seen much coverage before from other marketing service providers.

NeverBounce is a tool that can automatically remove all duplicate emails from your account and check if any domains are live and blacklisted because they’re being listed in SPAM folders. You could even use it as an excellent way to build up new leads!

Features Of NeverBounce:

NeverBounce Cost:

NeverBounce provides pay-as-you-go and recurring billing options. If you want a price to pay monthly, you must enter the number of emails you must handle and create a free account.

Pay-as-you-go fees range from $0.003 per email for a maximum of one million emails to $0.008 for up to ten thousand emails.

If you need to process more than 1 million emails, get in touch with NeverBounce’s sales team for unique corporate pricing.


The email address validation tool is a great way to ensure that the email addresses you collect are accurate and in working order. The tool checks for syntax and domain validity so you can be sure that the addresses you are using will reach their intended recipients. 

Hope the provided email address validation tools in this post will help you ensure that the email addresses on your site are correct and valid. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!


How does the email validation tool work?

The email validation tool checks the email address against a list of known invalid email addresses. If the email address is found on the list, the tool will return an error message indicating that the email address is invalid.

Why should you use the email validation tool?

 The email validation tool is important because it helps clean up your email list and remove invalid or fake email addresses. This, in turn, can help improve your emails’ deliverability and increase the likelihood that they will be delivered to the recipient’s inboxes.

Do all email validation tools work the same?

Yes and no. All email validation tools work to a certain extent, but they’re not all created equal. Some are better at detecting typos and misspellings, while others are better at identifying fake or spam emails. It depends on the specific tool that you’re using and what you’re trying to accomplish.
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