20 Best Anime Sites Like 9anime

20 Best Anime Sites Like 9anime

There are many anime streaming sites available online, but few offer the same quality and variety as 9anime.tv. This site offers some of the latest and greatest anime titles, along with a wide selection of older classics.

With new episodes being added every day, there’s always something to watch. And if you’re looking for manga to read, they’ve got that too! Check out 9anime today and see what all the fuss is about. Also, to find another site like 9anime, continues reading this guide.

Live 9anime Mirrors:

If you’re looking for 9anime mirrors that are live, here are a few that you can try. However, you will need a VPN in order to access anime sites like 9anime.

However, there are still more websites that offer anime. Some of the most well-known anime websites, including Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others, have a tonne of content available.

Best 9anime Alternatives:

In addition to 9anime, there are several other free and commercial anime websites where you can watch high-quality anime. The top 21 sites for fans of anime are listed below, and they are all alternatives to 9anime.

Please be aware that accessing some of the sites may necessitate the use of a VPN. Here are the VPNs I advise using to unblock websites and view 9anime alternatives.


Similar to 9anime, AnimeHeros is a free website with a large selection of anime. You can use it to download and watch well-known shows for nothing. This website features a very user-friendly, interactive interface that anyone may use. Users can view anime videos in any language, or both subtitled and dubbed for free.

These anime are freely accessible in a variety of video formats, including 720p HD and high definition (1080p). Additionally, because this website is so reliable, fans of anime can access it on their cellphones and tablets. The most cherished aspect of Animeheros is that no commercials are displayed while you are watching the video.


The newest hub for anime-related TV episodes, movies, and more is Amazon PrimeVideo.Additionally, you may register for a free 30-day trial and start watching right away. You can also stream popular anime in original Japanese audio quality.

Up to 4K quality, English subtitles, extra trivia with its X-ray, and many more features are supported by PrimeVideo. Along with the web version and other apps like the Xbox one, it also has a mobile phone app.


The best anime-focused online streaming platform is KissAnime. It is known as the king of anime websites since it has the largest collection of videos and features all anime subgenres, including magic, war-based, sci-fi, comedy, adventure, and many more.

You may even watch HD videos with all video quality options, ranging from 240p to 1080p, that are available both dubbed and subbed in English. New and newest videos are consistently added to this website.

You may easily search for your favorite episode or ongoing series using the interface, and you can even play it on your cellphones and tablets. However, you must register with this website if you want a completely ad-free experience while viewing a page or an episode.


The following on the list is GoGoAnime, a top-notch internet streaming platform that provides anime in different resolutions. GoGoAnime provides a discussion forum where users can post their thoughts and suggestions.

Users can arrange their films using the interactive interface according to their preferences for watch lists, latest episodes, or release dates. It is a free internet streaming platform such as KissAnime and AnimeHeros. Animes with English subtitles are accessible on GoGoAnime, and some episodes are even dubbed in the language of your choice. Additionally, it features a mobile-friendly user interface that makes it simple to access films on your mobile device. You can purchase or download your preferred episode whenever you like by subscribing for a monthly price.


A paradise for watching anime stuff is AnimeHeaven. It covers a wide range of anime series and TV shows, both old and new. The clear and well-designed search filters make it easy to find anime. You can easily look for what you need on AnimeHeaven, whether you prefer anime with original Japanese audio and English subtitles or English dub content. To ensure a smooth and quick loading experience, there are many servers available for anime viewing. Additionally, AnimeHeaven offers 1080p HD quality.


The most well-known online streaming service with the largest selection of TV series, films, and cartoons is Netflix. Despite being a paid membership, it provides new users with a free trial that lasts for a month. It boasts 150 million subscribers worldwide and a variety of intriguing features.

You can effortlessly watch your favorite episodes on your mobile devices thanks to this fantastic app, which doesn’t have any compatibility concerns. Users frequently become annoyed by pop-up adverts that appear in between playing films, but with Netflix, you can view your videos without interruption because they are completely ad-free.

Netflix offers original high-resolution videos that may be downloaded offline for an amazing anime experience. Don’t worry if you choose a paid membership—your money won’t be wasted. One of the most popular media subscription services worldwide is Netflix.


Another favored and well-known best sites for internet streaming is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is the best option if you’re seeking for dubbed videos to improve your experience. If you use an adblocker, Crunchyroll’s free 480p anime streaming with commercials is already worthwhile.

For those who would enjoy its added features, it also includes a Premium Plan. This website offers incredibly high-resolution films that transport its fans to the land of fantasy because quality is the main concern for the customers. Crunchyroll is highly efficient because users can easily navigate around the pages to search for their favorite anime and because it works with a variety of platforms, including iPhone, Android, PS4, Xbox, and more.


One of the popular websites to watch or stream anime videos on is Hulu if you want the most entertainment possible. In addition to certain free films and free 30-day trials, it also offers its fans an affordable subscription plan with prices ranging from $7.99 to $33.99 per month, depending on their preferences. It boasts a sizable library and a wide range of genres, including romantic, horror, supernatural, and documentaries, all in full HD.

Users now have the option to download up to 25 shows from Hulu and watch them for up to 30 days. In the end, it performs seamlessly across five different devices and offers you a fantastic experience. Users of Hulu + live TV may get 200 hours of online DVR storage for just $15 per month. Support for Xbox, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, and Chromecast is offered by this service.


One more of the top 9anime alternatives is chia. The best website for amusement and information is chia-anime.su. You don’t have to pay anything to watch or download an episode from this online streaming service.

Unlike other anime, the one mentioned doesn’t have a broad range of genres or extensive libraries, but it has managed to provide excellent video quality and quick off-show updates. Additionally, this website is frequently updated with new episodes and has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for visitors to navigate.


Animestreams, one of the greatest alternatives to 9anime that guarantees enjoyment and entertainment, has a large selection of anime videos and an interactive interface. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for consumers to navigate and shows fewer adverts.

The best aspect is that clients can always submit a request form if they have any questions or would like to provide feedback. Even your favorite episode can be downloaded for offline viewing. This platform makes itself more accessible to its admirers by allowing free streaming of videos in English subbed and dubbed forms for the convenience of its users.


Another reason for “Anime Lovers” to enjoy their episodes is “Funimation” (Official Website). With its fantastic qualities, it draws the huge interest of its consumers. It contains a huge selection of anime movies in all genres, as well as series, TV shows, documentaries, and many more.

Additionally, you can pay a modest fee and watch your shows uninterrupted without any adverts. By paying a monthly fee, users may even access their favorite episodes in their preferred language with subtitles, dubbed, and subtitled versions. Since Funimation has a variety of streaming apps available, you may use them on any platform, including iOS.


AnimeFreak compiles thousands of dubbed and subbed episodes of anime, ranging from well-known, long-running programs that you may have begun watching as a youngster to ongoing series from the year 2022. The top left corner of the webpage has a collapsed navigation panel. By using appropriate filters, you may find current, recent, popular, and various anime content genres on AnimeFreak, which provides streams swiftly and with acceptable quality. However, if there was a less heavy-handed promotion on AnimeFreak, it might receive more recommendations.


Many people have discovered that browsing on the majority of free anime websites is frustratingly interrupted by numerous pop-ups and advertisements, yet this is how a free website is able to exist and be maintained. Fortunately, there are still websites like AnimeDao that can provide a less upsetting viewing experience and an extensive library of dragon ball anime collections.

Although there are fewer commercials and a more user-friendly layout on this 9Anime substitute, you should still be wary of pop-up advertisements on the video player page. Its large collection of anime, meanwhile, can accommodate the needs of many anime enthusiasts. Every day, AnimeDao adds new videos, and its rapid search filters make it simple to locate anime series and movies in both dubbed and subtitled versions. You can also watch anime tv shows for free, and this is one of the most popular streaming sites to watch or download videos.


Both dubbed and subbed anime can be found on the website. On Animeultima, you can watch over 2000 anime episodes. Anime lovers can browse anime series and movies using the search filters and quick search features; however, registration is necessary to see the site’s full catalog of anime. Users can stream videos up to 1080p on Animeultima’s many servers, which are dedicated to anime.

The fact that Animeultima offers to switch between dubbed and subtitled video versions immediately on the video player page sets it apart from other websites like nine anime. But there is still a flaw in the video player’s continuous pop-ups. Many anime fans are using this site to watch English subbed as well as the dubbed version of their favorite anime. You can also adjust the video qualities and can watch high-quality anime from multiple servers.


The front page of Animepahe is quite straightforward, lists the most recent releases, and lacks any fancy filters. You can either use the search bar option or the anime Index page’s letter-based search to find an anime series. The majority of the anime on Animepahe are subtitled and have a 1080p maximum resolution. You can download anime to a local folder using Animepahe as well. 


With a large selection of well-liked anime being released regularly, Animixplay is a promised land for anime addicts. Additionally, Animixplay can satiate the preferences of those with exacting standards. If there are several servers available, you can choose between them to stream an episode dubbed or subtitled. Most significantly, there are absolutely no advertising or pop-up windows. Although Animixplay does not require registration in order to stream content, registered users have access to more features. The stream episodes of anime can also be added to watch list preferences. You can also watch videos on this streaming anime site without paying any subscription charges.


Fast, ad-free, and high-quality anime viewing is highlighted by Animekisa. Additionally, it can respond to 99% of your inquiries with matching results. Animeksia offers a significant selection of dubbed anime in addition to original anime with English subtitles. Downloading is supported for all videos on Animekisa. When comparing the various options on the list, Animekisa is the preferable option if you want quick and seamless streaming.

Masterani. one:

The most well-known anime website that uses the Masterani domain name is Masterani. Me. Nevertheless, Masterani. me is currently closed. Therefore, Masterani. is one of the fantastic stations you can try if you’re seeking a Masterani website. It includes a huge selection of anime films and TV shows organized by genres, years of release, and A-Z initials. On Masterani., videos can be downloaded as well.


For anime aficionados, AnimeTV is a great resource. It is comparable to many other options in that it offers a variety of well-liked and fresh anime TV shows and films, as well as the ability for users to search for their favorite anime videos based on factors like popularity, genre, and title, etc. The majority of the anime on AnimeTV has the original Japanese audio dubbed. When one server isn’t responding, you can switch to any of the other servers that are available for that episode. Each video on AnimeTV has a download option underneath it.


A quick and ad-free anime streaming experience is what AnimeVibe concentrates on. On this website, similar to 9Anime, you may view a number of popular titles from its catalog that spans all genres. AnimeVibe is an excellent place to go if you want to catch up on popular TV shows and films. Users of AnimeVibe can simultaneously watch anime in both subtitled and dubbed versions, in addition to having fast streaming speeds.


Fans of anime who are accustomed to watching dubbed anime should visit Animeland. While new episodes are uploaded often, this website offers users dubbed versions of many popular shows. The website also has the benefit of letting users download episodes for offline watching. The range of video quality is from 480p to 1080p.


9anime is a great anime streaming site that has a large selection of anime shows and movies. The site for watching anime is easy to use and has some great features, like the ability to create watchlists and add shows to your favorites list.

The only downside is that there are no subtitles available for most of the content on the site. So if you’re searching for a great place to watch anime online, 9anime is definitely worth checking out.

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