8 Best Time Management Apps for Anyone with ADHD

What is ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder that causes individuals to feel restless and impulsive. Below are the best Apps For ADHD and Time Management apps.

This disorder is usually diagnosed in childhood but can also occur in adults. The symptoms of ADHD are characterized by symptoms such as forgetfulness, mood swings, trouble focusing on tasks, and hyperactivity. ADHD can affect day-to-day living, school performance, and interpersonal relationships.

Most people are not aware of the signs and symptoms of ADHD,

which means that it can be difficult to identify those with the disorder.

Signs of ADHD include difficulty focusing on one task for an extended period of time and an inability to sit or stand still for long periods of time. Adults who have it might be more likely to get into arguments or drive recklessly than others without the condition.

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Best Time Management Apps for Anyone with ADHD

Smart Sloth: Focus Study Timer 

Free iOS app Smart Sloth (iOS) allows you to set sequential countdown timers that will pace you through your whole day. Its intuitive, gesture-based interface allows you to quickly enter tasks into your schedule, so you’ll focus on what you need to do next, rather than how long it’ll take you. 30/30 shows you how many times you underestimate how long things will take.

This is specifically designed to help you focus and get work done. It’s called Smart Sloth and it has a number of features that make it unique and helpful.

First, the app has a focus timer that allows you to set a specific amount of time for uninterrupted work. Once the timer starts, you can’t access any other apps or notifications until the timer is up. This helps eliminate distractions and allows you to really focus on the task at hand.

Second, the app has a built-in Pomodoro timer. This popular time management technique involves working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break. The Smart Sloth app will keep track of your work intervals and breaks for you so you can stay on schedule.

Users can set the timer for each interval and the app will track their progress. Once the timer runs out, the app will notify the user to take a five-minute break.

Third, the app includes a variety of productivity tracking features.

SimpleMind Pro – Mind Mapping (Time Management App)

Mind mapping is a type of diagram or graph that shows the connections between different types of information. It is a visual thinking technique used to generate and visualize ideas, problems, and solutions.

Mind maps are drawn from left to right, with the topic of the map in the centre and other topics branching out from the centre.

As children learn about mind mapping in school for their language arts classes and for math classes.

They engage different parts of their brain to work creatively together.

SimpleMind Pro is an app that uses mind mapping to help people with ADHD stay organized by helping them remember important information and keep track of projects. It also helps people organize their thoughts and complete tasks without forgetting any important steps in between.

Due App (Time Management App)

The Due app is a time management and reminder app with a lot of features. It’s designed for people who have ADHD, but even for people without it, the app can be very useful for day to day activities.


With the help of this app, people suffering from ADHD can improve their time management skills. They can create better routines and reminders for themselves to avoid forgetting important tasks.

The Due app is an iPhone and Apple Watch productivity application that

helps you manage your deadlines and reminds you when they are due.

It also features a timer feature so users know how much time they have left to complete a task or deadline.

Some of the use cases for this app include setting daily tasks,

reminding oneself of groceries, or remembering where one parked their car.

Evernote ADHD App

It helps people with ADHD manage their time and focus.

One of the best features of the app is its ability to create new notes faster. It also helps people stay focused on the task at hands.

The app has a helpful live feed that shows a history of what was completed and what still needs to be accomplished.

This is a time management application that allows the user to time-block their tasks and reminders. The app is designed for people of all ages and skill levels.

It can be installed on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

One of the many benefits of this app is that it has a morning routine feature which you can use to set the tone for your day.

Remember The Milk: To-Do List

This is an online time management app that does many things.

It can be used to create and manage a to-do list, add reminders for the tasks on the list, set deadlines, and prioritize tasks.

The app is available in many languages and it can sync across all devices.

Users are able to add items to this list by typing, speaking, or handwriting them. They can also prioritize them with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

We can use it in the workplace as a time management tool for years because

it serves as an easy way for employees to get everything done quickly and on time.

Asana ADHD App

This app has created a team of neuropsychologists and computer scientists to analyze and understand the human brain in a more detailed manner.

In recent years, people have started realizing that time management is one of the major issues at work or school.

Consequently, there has been an increase in demand for available time management tools that can help us utilize our time better.

The Asana ADHD app claims to help you stay focused on your tasks by analyzing your attention span throughout the day and providing insights about how you can improve your focus when faced with distractions.

The app trackers your attention span based on how often you open notification windows or switch tasks and then provides you with personalized coaching.

Brain Focus ADHD App

The app utilizes a timer and an interval-based approach to help people with ADHD control their behavior, set goals, and achieve their objectives.

It also has signal boosters for both audio and visuals to alert people with ADHD when they have spent too much time on one activity or another.

This is not just a management app but also an organizational tool that helps people with ADHD to break down tasks into manageable chunks, focus only on what needs attention at a given moment, prioritize tasks and get things done more efficiently.

Brain Focus is an app that can be used to help people focus better. The app has two sections- a sound section and a timer section.

The sound section allows you to play different kinds of sounds as you work, allowing each user’s brain to stay focused on their work.

The timer section includes alarm clocks, countdown timers, and more, making sure that users can keep track of time even when they are working on other tasks.

App Trello (Time Management App)

App Trello (Time Management App)

Trello ADHD App is a time-management app that was designed to help people with ADHD manage their time and tasks better.

This is project management software, but we can use it for managing time and tasks. It helps people with ADHD by giving them a visual way of managing their time and tasks. The application has boards for various projects, including one for personal projects to another for work projects.

We can set up the board as either a kanban or scrum workflow system.

A user can add the task(s) at the top left corner of the board and then drag them to the column where it needs to be completed (bottom right corner).

At any point in time, users know what they need to do next or what’s due next from this

Clear Todos ADHD App

This is a time management app that helps you manage your time. The app was designed for people to focus on what’s important to them in life.

With Clear Todos, you can easily create a list of tasks and then order them based on the level of priority.

You can also set a timer so that the app reminds you when it’s the right moment to move to another task and follow deadlines accordingly.

Clear Todos also has an interesting feature called “undo” which enables you to undo any changes made by accident.

Clear Todos is an all-in-one, time management app aimed at people with ADHD and those living with the ADD inattentive type.

It allows users to manage tasks, has reminders, and stay focused on what they are doing. Clear Todos is available on iTunes and Google Play.


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