11 Best Working Alternative of Couchtuner

11 Best Working Alternative of Couchtuner

Couchtuner is a streaming website that provides its users with TV shows and movies. The selection on Couchtuner is comprehensive and constantly updated, making it a great resource for entertainment. In addition to being able to watch TV shows and movies. Couchtuner also allows users to create custom lists of their favorite programming, so they can easily find what they’re looking for.

Couchtuner is undoubtedly worthwhile exploring, whether you’re looking for new content to watch or just want to look around. Therefore, it is never bad to have a few backup plans on hand. We’re here to provide you with the top Couchtuner options.

What Is Couchtuner?

You must be curious about what it does if you’ve never heard of Couchtuner before. So, to put it simply, Couchtuner is a streaming website that allows you access to a big global collection of films and television shows.

Since Couchtuner does not own the rights to television episodes and films, it offers streaming on its website. All of the information is obtained from other websites and can only be accessed over Wi-Fi or data plans.

Whenever I tried to click on something, a pop-up ad sent me to a fraudulent website; thus, I wouldn’t recommend Couchtuner as my first choice for streaming movies or television shows online. However, couchtuner provides a fantastic selection of movies and TV shows if pop ads are not an issue for you, which I do not believe to be the case.

Before including any of the stated websites on my list of the top Couchtuner replacements, I tried them all out first. My own preference as a viewer is for an improved user experience, so introducing any random material site without checking is misleading the readers.

Couchtuner: Is it legal?

Regarding CouchTuner’s legality, the fact that the content is streamed there without the owner’s copyright owner’s permission is significant.

Because of this, the information supplied is unlawful, and there is a potential that many search engines will restrict access to this website. This is the cause of CouchTuner’s constant domain name changes, as the ISP continues to block it and limits traffic to the pirate website.

Many of the websites on the list might not function without a VPN, but we have a fix for this after the post. None of the websites on the list have ownership rights to the content they either host or download from other websites.

Couchtuner: Is It Blocked?

Since Couchtuner hosts content illegally, as is common knowledge, it is prohibited in many nations. If you try to use couchtuner now despite believing you were able to a few days ago, a message stating “you are not permitted to access this website” appears.

Because of stringent anti-piracy regulations, Google has disabled couchtuner in numerous locations. Another reason cause because of third-party streaming clients and annoying ads.

Many nations have blocked Couch Tuner, and if you see the following notification, your nation is one of them. However, Couchtuner’s proprietors have numerous domain extensions, so if one is blocked, the others will begin to function. If you really love CouchTuner, you can browse the list of functional proxies we have also included.

So What Websites Offer Free Online Tv Shows?

Since many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) frequently ban CouchTuner. It is necessary to hunt for workable alternative solutions for obtaining the most recent TV episodes and movies for leisure purposes.

If none of these options work for you, scroll down and check out our list of the Best Couchtuner Alternatives. You can watch free TV online on Couchtuner EU and Couchtuner ag. Each website in the list below has been specifically chosen by us, and we’ve linked it to the original version so you may review each one independently.

Alternatives To Couchtuner That Actually Work:


By offering its users two categories, Movies and TV shows (free entertainment) at the top of the screen, LookMovie offers one of the best user interfaces around. The category of what viewers desire to see is selectable. The website includes a vast library of films and TV shows, from the earliest to the most recent sequels and latest episodes.

You can use a variety of criteria, including Genre, Year of Release, Rating, and Oldest/Newest First, to further refine the content at this point before moving on to the results by clicking Submit. It is one of the busiest websites in its category, thanks to the enormous traffic it has received from various international locations. LookMovie can be a great substitute for CouchTuner because you can start viewing your preferred show without registering.

The website doesn’t contain any malware that can affect your computer or mobile device (or any other device you are looking onto), and commercials are another one of those reasons. Here, you can watch movies without interruption and free without pop-ups or redirect ads. Also, this is one of the best couchtuner alternatives that you can use for completely free.


Another excellent alternate for CouchTuner is FlixTor. The website shows how characteristics like UI and No AD Policy that LookMovie offers are similar but remember not as same. For its fans worldwide, FlixTor boasts a stylish user interface and a sizable database of TV series and movies. One of the best things about it is that the entire site is free of advertisements. In fact, there are no requirements to be met to access the information, and anyone can view it without registering.

However, many features are only available to registered users, like the ability to create and share playlists with friends and family. Even though FlixTor offers a VIP subscription with additional features, the free version provides unfettered access to all of the website’s material. Users can also download all the tv shows from any internet service provider. The streaming quality of this free movie’s website is awesome, and a simple user interface is one of the best features of this site.

3. MoviesJoy:

MoviesJoy is a fantastic resource for finding movies and TV shows and has a huge library of both. Another option is MoviesJoy, which is free and doesn’t require you to join up or register to access the content. The website provides visitors with a great user interface and puts the most recent TV programs and movie releases on the homepage.

To find the genre or category you want, you can use the site’s many filters (including release year, genre, IMDB rating, time duration, and many others). According to MoviesJoy’s AD policy, the website doesn’t display any pop-up ads or other forms of advertising that would impair its functionality. As a result, you can stream freely on this website without worrying that your device will get any unwanted content (PC, Tablet, or Smartphone). One of my favorite websites for streaming movies and TV shows is this one. This couch tuner alternative website has a user-friendly interface that works perfectly on mobile devices. You can also find the latest movies and your desired movies tv shows with extremely high-quality content streaming.

4. StreamLikers:

One of the oldest and most dependable alternatives on this list, StreamLikers has a straightforward user interface and a large library of content amassed over the years. Although certain countries cannot view this website owing to ISP website filtering, it can be easily overcome by utilizing a free or premium VPN because this streaming client website for free streaming has pirated content.

Like other sites in this niche, it doesn’t save any of its material on the website and instead incorporates links to and references from external sources, which lessens the site’s overall complexity. The website provides users with little resistance in the form of adverts or pop-up windows, and you can search the entire website using the search bar. The hover function elevates the user experience.


Another name for 123movies is 123moviesHub.com. As the first website to offer this content for free, 123movies has amassed enormous traffic. However, the illegal website eventually went offline, and 123moviesHub is still one of its available proxies today. The website looks professional, and the UI makes it simple for consumers to navigate to the relevant subject of interest.

You must sign up to access the website and begin viewing your favorite show. You can access the content without paying anything when you sign up for an online account. Remember to watch free content on this streaming media website, and you must create a free account first.

6. Solarmovie:

The best option for CouchTuner is Solarmovie. Beginning with Solarmovie is simple and costs nothing for users. You do not need to register to watch series and movies on this site. You could be able to access a lot more functions than a typical user if you do this. A VIP member can access download options, higher-quality movies without commercials, and additional subtitles.

There are several SolarMovie mirror websites, and these websites are replete with pop-up advertisements. 

7.PutLocker (.me):

Try PutLocker if you’re seeking a website with user-friendly navigation and optimized user interface features because it delivers above-average site navigation. One of the greatest alternatives to the CouchTuner is PutLocker, where you can locate the most recent content from across the world as soon as it is launched on the home screen. The site is trustworthy for the visitor because it provides multiple mirrors for each performance.

The ability to browse for episodes and movies that are only available in a given area is one of the most specialized features that are only available on a few websites, like PutLocker. The fantastic user interface is far better than numerous movies websites so that you can stream videos and also you can watch episodes of your loveable series without paying any subscription fees.

8.Yify Movies:

The website, as its name suggests, provides access to the newest and most recent episodes of web series and movies as soon as they are released on the relevant website. This website’s feature is promising because every show episode is broadcast in excellent resolution and is accessible without any buffering or limitations.

You can create a discussion in the forums to discuss any content on the website you are unfamiliar with. People could communicate digitally through the forum and express their opinions and reviews to other viewers. To use this function, you must first sign up on the platform; therefore, remember to do so before exploring the various questions and answers at the website’s top.

9. Primewire:

If you love movies, you should watch this. To best suit your internet connection and gadget compatibility, you may find practically all recently released movies in various resolutions (user-friendly). The website has a sleek user experience and soothing colors that actually help to the feeling of relaxation.

In addition, Primewire allows users to score the “mirrors” depending on their usage, so you can decide which mirror is the greatest option for you and which one isn’t. The website also offers added features like “TOP IMDB” and “TOP RATED,” allowing you to determine which watch fits you best.

10. MovieRulz:

A torrent client can be used to download movies from MovieRulz, a free website that streams movies. The website offers Hollywood, Bollywood, and Telugu films. As both Bollywood and Hollywood movies are arranged by the year of their release, the user interface is relatively straightforward, and the navigation is simple.

You can also get music from Movierulz if you enjoy music. The fact that this website offers the newest movies within a week of their release date is one of its best features. Although I haven’t seen any advertising, the administrator may have placed them by the time you read this article. Additionally, Movierulz has an Android app that can be downloaded from its website.

11. Hulu

Due to its large selection of films and TV shows, Hulu is a fantastic substitute for Couchtuner. There are currently approximately 20 million subscribers to the website. The strongest selling points of Hulu maybe its free accounts and absence of advertisements. And the near-instant availability of your favorite movies and TV series.

HD-quality videos are available on Hulu, which has a user interface that is welcoming and easy to use. Therefore, if you’re looking for nonstop, high-quality entertainment, this is your go-to alternative to Couchtuner.

How Can You Use Couchtuner Or Its Alternates?

None of the solutions to the Couch tuner discussed in this post may work for you. Many governments, notably those in the USA, India, and Japan, have severe anti-piracy laws. Nevertheless, some of the websites function without a VPN. Without a VPN, we strongly advise against visiting any of the websites.

Another thing to remember is to avoid browsing these websites on Chrome or any other browser you often use to access your Google or social media accounts. The steps listed below can be used to access the Couch tuner and its substitutes.


Couchtuner may have to change its business model to survive in the competitive streaming market. The websites mentioned above are a few that Couch Tuner may be a better fit for. It is preferable to visit each website separately and review its user interface individually. Some top choices from the list of alternatives include FlixTor, MoviesJoy, LookMovie, and 123MovieHub.

It is more dependable because the movies are available online, and there are numerous mirror connections to them. Some websites demand registration to download movies, add them to a list, or rate them. In addition, if you come across any other substitute, you are happy with, share it with us in the comments section. 

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