Build eBay Dropshipping Store on AutoPilot

Build eBay Dropshipping Store on AutoPiloT

The Dropship method workflow

1. You list an item from Aliexpress, Walmart, or Amazon on your eBay store

2. Your client purchases goods from your eBay store

3. You purchase and forward the customer shipping information to Aliexpress /Other

You ship your client their purchase from Aliexpress, you make a profit, and everyone is happy. It’s a no-brainer trade

The Number One Advantage of Being a Dropshipper

Low costs & Risk-FREE

You may set your own prices as a Drop shipper. You can’t play with the pricing of your goods much as you would if you already had prepared-made inventory and warehouse: Every change in price might alter the fundamental idea of your business model.

The Dropship MiddleMan approach provides a lot of leeway for experimenting and testing. This is an excellent business model for novices; you’ll risk approximately $15 in start-up costs in the worst-case scenario.

Also, you may afford to make a few errors.

Of course, it’s preferable to avoid making any mistakes at all.

But if you’re new to this type of business, you’ll almost certainly make at least one or two blunders.

However, I keep a positive attitude towards my failures since they help me learn and grow as a person.

The Downsides of Being a Dropshipper

You have no control over your inventory. Shit happens (Excuse me), and your provider may be late in delivering or simply will not deliver.

The aim of this manual is to show you how to do things the correct way so that you don’t have to deal with low-quality suppliers again.

Why should you choose eBay over Shopify/Woocommerce?

It’s free to get started on eBay (50 listings) and they have over 800+ million monthly visitors, according to Similarweb. Those significant amounts of traffic might be utilized to boost your store purchases, as long as you don’t put too much money forward at once on Facebook/Google Ads. And… You need to learn how to do marketing if you want to succeed. Take a look at how much traffic eBay gets and assess the potential.

Do you comprehend? No one is aware of your brand when you’re starting a new business from the ground up. Even if you receive traffic from advertising, potential consumers will need to see your advertisements at least 8-10 times before they can trust your store and place an order with you. With eBay… We’ll just sell keywords on their search engine. And their customers are eager to convert! Because They shop on eBay on a regular basis. YEAAh, BABY


Setup introduction

In the following section, I’ll show you how to Set Up, Connect, and Link your Paypal account with eBay.

As soon as you connect it, all of your sales costs will be charged automatically.

As a result, you won’t have to pay them manually.

You should definitely link your Paypal because if you fail to pay fees on time, it may lead to your eBay account being suspended.

Setup eBay Account

Simply go to and choose “Register” at the top of the page.

Fill out all the necessary information, and then sign up.

Connecting Paypal and eBay

To pay your selling and store fees, you’ll need to link your PayPal account to eBay.

As previously said. Click on your account name in the upper right corner of eBay.

Click on ‘’Account settings”, then ‘’Paypal Account.’’

You should see an option called “PayPal Account” (left menu) after that.

Simply click on “link my Paypal account” after that.

Fees for Using eBay and PayPal

Fees on eBay and Paypal change frequently, but there is a range that most individuals stick to. It’s true that each country has its own PayPal fees. We’ll be selling on eBay USA. Fees for a sale range from 2% to 15% (including Paypal)

It is determined by the category. You made your first sale, which resulted in a product cost of $70 and a selling price of $100. After eBay and PayPal charges are taken out, you’ll be left with $17.65 in profit. We may utilize this as a calculator to calculate our profits and costs, regardless.

For example, I always use 20% as a break-even to cover my costs. And the rest are considered as profits. It means that for every product that I am selling I first add 20% to be break-even. (Currency exchange,Paypal,eBay,etc) 

• Paypal Sale Fee – 3-5% • eBay Sale Fee – 2-10%

Every country’s eBay marketplaces have its own pricing rules. As a result, if you’re selling on eBay UK / eBay Australia, etc., I strongly suggest that you look at

On eBay, there are specific limits on how much you can sell your items.

When you first open your store, your limits will be far lower than they should be. Limits (products) are a problem when you have just gotten your business up and running. You’ll need to utilize your store limitations to the fullest before requesting eBay to raise them from 10 to 100. So, what I’m asking is that you simply put up ten items in your business.

As you’ve discovered, the more items you have for sale on eBay, the greater your chances of closing a deal. As soon as you don’t have enough area to promote additional goods, contact an eBay representative and request a limit raise. Some representatives will boost your limits to 200 products while others will only allow 100 items. Soon after completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to properly list things.

If you’re not sure whether or not to make this call, you can always hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you! Simply provide them with your eBay account information (Do not give any passwords). You may reach them at no cost via Skype.

Tell them you’re a small business owner who sells to various private sources across the United States and China. I’ll go into it further in a minute or two.

eBay Number: 18665403229

Fiverr search term: ‘’eBay selling limit’’ 

Costs for a New eBay Store

The most frequently heard concern is usually, “Which eBay store should you buy from?” If you’re just getting started selling, though, it shouldn’t be an issue since eBay will provide you with 50 FREE listings. If you’re a Pro seller, on the other hand, the following are your options:

FREE – 50 Listings / Month

Starter = 100 Listings / Month : $0.3 X 1 Listing

Basic = 250 Listings / Month : $0.25 X 1 Listing Premium = 1000 Listings / Month : $0.10 X 1 Listing. Anchor Store = 10,000 Listing / Month : $0.5 X 1 Listing Enterprise = 100,000 Listing / Month : $0.5 X 1 Listing

Different discounts are available for different fees of the platform, according to each type of store.


The eBay rules will provide your potential customers with all of the information they require. • Payment Terms

• Shipping Times

• Return Terms

In the following paragraphs, I’ll show you how to set your policies up in accordance with eBay’s rules of service and maintain your customers informed about delivery times, refunds, and payments.

All of our policies are suitable for use on Aliexpress, Amazon, and Walmart Supply chains.

There will be two shipping rules: one for US suppliers and the other for Chinese suppliers.

Important: Make sure to exclude those locations in your shipping policy so that you don’t encounter delivery delays.

Many suppliers are unable to deliver to these regions.

Step 1: You must opt-in to business policies

To establish a Shipping, payment, and return policy, you must first agree to eBay company policies. Just go to the page and select your option.

Now, we’ll create our rules. Go to this page and select ‘Business policies’ from the left menu.

If the link not working for you click on your account name > settings > info 

Payment Policy

When you click, you should see a button labeled “Create policy.” We’ll start with the Payment Policy first.

Don’t overthink it and just follow my instructions.

Click on Payment and then follow the instructions in the screenshot.

Once you’ve finished, simply scroll down and select “Save” to generate your payment policy.

Your payment policy is now complete.

Return Policy

In the case that one of your clients wants to return something, this policy will be used. We’ll opt for a 14-day return policy; the fewer days the better, but eBay won’t promote you if you have a shorter than 14-day return rate.

However, if you need a product to be delivered promptly then 14 days is the way to go. We will also pick that the buyer pays for shipping and return.

China Supplier Shipping Policy (Aliexpress) (34 Days total)

The shipping time frame is the length of time a buyer will wait before receiving the product he ordered from you.

Since we’ll be selling on Aliexpress as a dropshipper, we’ll go with 3-day economy shipping for delivery time.

The duration of your account suspension is determined by the site you’re on. This range varies depending on the site.

US Suppliers Policy (Walmart, Amazon, Overstock, etc)

Locations that you need to exclude;

It’s typically better to avoid those regions in your shipping policies (China and the United States) Since I’ve had prior experience with them, they’re areas that frequently cause difficulties.


Introduction to Understanding the Market

In the sections that follow, I’ll show you a few live instances and how I’m finding profitable items to sell.

This is how you may use a generic approach to locate lucrative eBay vendors.

I’ll show you how to find the best Aliexpress, Amazon, and Walmart suppliers for your dropshipping project.

It’s the simplest approach.

You’ll find out more advanced methods to use keywords to boost your revenue as soon as you’ve read enough from this Blog article.

How to find the right Aliexpress Dropshipping Supplier?

Let’s assume we’re in the jewelry niche. And let’s say we want to open a necklace dropshipping business.

We searched Aliexpress for “Woman necklaces” and got over a thousand results. We found a supplier from whom we could buy this product, but the shipping time was two months. If we were to select another vendor based on the lowest feedback, it might lead to difficulties with clients – getting their items too late or not receiving them at all.

So please follow the steps given below;

Before selecting a provider, you should consider the following factors.

• Free shipping

• Filter by Orders

• 4 Stars and up

• Free Returns!

• ePacket Support (Fast shipping) 

Make sure your supplier offers ePacket shipping – This isn’t the most efficient option, but when you choose ePacket shipping to the US / EU, it is considerably faster than regular options. (14-21 days) So It’s strongly suggested.

After that, you will have a number of alternatives to choose from. Choose the ePacket option.

How to Find Aliexpress Dropshippers on eBay

You now know how to locate the best supply. It’s time to learn how to find and sell the right product, as well as how to analyze your competitors.

Typically, I check out what other drop shippers are selling before I pick up a product. Check the top sellers on Aliexpress for your chosen item; simply copy and paste the product name into eBay’s search bar.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to generate profits by copying and pasting items.

What steps did I take to discover this seller?

• Check Aliexpress Bestsellers

• Copy a product name that SOLD 100+ times and pasted into eBay

• Now you can take this Seller store and scan via Zik Analytics (Guide in the next chapters)

For example, this Seller is making a “insane” ROI on each SALE. I just copied the product name and pasted it in as shown.

There’s one seller selling it for $5 who is making a 50000 percent profit on every sale! Being merely a middleman would suffice!

Should you use Amazon and Walmart as your dropshipping supplier?

You don’t have to be concerned about delivery times or customer service when dealing with Walmart & Amazon as a supplier.

You will get excellent assistance with Ali Express, but compared to Walmart / Amazon…

It’s like comparing Lambo to Mazda, don’t you think? 🙂

Another fantastic advantage of working with US suppliers is the large cashback and discounts that are available.

If you’re using a Chrome extension like Priceblink, you may make three to four times more money by identifying Walmart/Amazon rivals selling the same product at a reduced rate.

• Amazon Shipping – FREE 2Day Shipping on all Prime items.

• Walmart Shipping – FREE 2Day Shipping on orders over $35

• Walmart Costs – $5.99 Shipping On Items Cost Less Than $35 

How to Recognize a Walmart DropShippers ?

Visit Walmart and go to Menu > Gifting & Housing > Gift Under X Amount.

It will take you to a page with the most generic goods that many eBay drop shippers offer. Copy one of the names and paste it onto eBay. Isn’t it true?

I chose to research this Fisher-Price doll because I wanted to know more about it.

Now that I’ve conducted a study of the eBay SERPs, my goal will be to find an identical picture as found in Walmart (SOLD For 12.99).

Walmart Product Found & SOLD 9 Times 

Reverse Engineer a Photo Search

Sometimes it can be much more simple to locate from a Dropshipper and resell his Items.

When I can’t discover his product using simple keyword research, I usually click on the picture of his Product and then choose “Search Google for Image.”

When you click on it, you will be able to see which Marketplaces are selling this item and at what price.

How to Recognize Amazon Drop Shippers ?

We’ll just go to “Amazon Movers and Shakers” and select a category using Amazon. Then, we’ll take a random best-selling product and copy it.

Here is what I have found:

I copied just the 4 first keywords from the product and pasted them onto eBay, and then looked for 3 Amazon Dropshippers that were selling for X 2-3 ROI.

The Bottom line

If you’re new to the business of selling on dropshipping sites, you should concentrate on one market at a time (for example, Walmart/AMZ/Ali). Once you’ve mastered one marketplace, move on to the next.

At the start, don’t go with three suppliers. When you have no prior experience, it can lead to difficulties in managing logistics.

Create a list of 20-30 Sellers on your favorite marketplace for yourself – We’ll utilize them when you get to the Market research Section of this tutorial.


To find a Dropshipping provider, you must consider two variables: product photo and product description. You’ve got a bingo when they match you.

Amazon Prime Account ( 2 Days FREE Shipping)

Amazon offers free two-day delivery on all Prime items: You should only sell Prime goods if you have a Prime membership. To do so, you’ll need to join up.

If you have a student email address, you may pick up a 6-month prime membership (worth $60) for free.

Then, after you’ve completed your student applications, simply join as a student and enjoy your free Prime membership.

You may get your .edu email address here.

So basically you will pay $2 for a Membership that is worth $60. 


Introduction to Account Warm-up

In the sections that follow, I’ll teach you how to prepare your PayPal account for use, what PayPal jail is, and how to avoid making mistakes that may result in your account being shut down.

I’ll also present you with a list of activities to avoid, which are the ones that will have your account booted in a hurry if you don’t follow them.

I want you to be 100% secure and get as much money as possible. So please pay attention to what I’m telling you.

Warming up account

Account warm-up is a beneficial step to take before you start dropshipping.

When your eBay account is new, you don’t want to attract negative attention.

Specifically when you list your first item.

(because eBay considers drop-shipping as a high-risk seller) So, when you will list your first item it should not be from Aliexpress nor dropshipping.

Simply list an item that you already have in your home.

Create 2-3 listings.

Let it sit there for 3-4 days.

You can list a Generic Book or Used Mug.

Then, once the first week is gone – your account is ready to list items from other markets.

How to Prevent Account suspensions ?

Please do not list items from well-known companies such as Nike, Adidas, Dragon Ball Z, Disney, or perfume companies.

Because you are not authorized by the brand owner to sell their items, such keywords might result in a suspension.

So, you don’t want to mess with goods that are VERO. “Verified Rights Ownership Program” – in general, selling well-known brands might result in a slew of challenges, even if you are a legitimate supplier.

Lucky you: The computer we’ll use to present our items in this article has a huge list on VERO – It will eliminate the need for you to manually verify if your items are VERO.

However, keep in mind that it will not make you “bulletproof” and that you must remain vigilant. Furthermore, any product falling within the Tobacco, Health, Motorcycle/Vehicle Parts category should be met with extreme caution.

Avoid them at all costs if you don’t want to get into trouble. And, always remember, keep an eye out for the VERO list.

Avoiding this mistakes will help you stay on track:

Paypal 21 Days Hold Jail

PayPal is limiting new sellers in order to safeguard eBay from fraud. As a result, bear this in mind before using your Paypal balance income on the same day that an item was sold:

• When you sell your first 25 items on PayPal, your money will be kept for 21 days or until your buyer gives feedback and confirms that the order has been delivered.

• The closing hold will be unlocked after 3 months have passed since your first sale.

• You’ll never have to deal with other HOLDs after three months.

• If you need the cash right away, you may ask Paypal to release it.

The bottom line is that in the first three months as a seller, things will be difficult; nevertheless, once you’ve passed them – The way to Sustainable profits is EASY. 


Introduction to Dropshipper Stash Tools

In this section, I’ll show you the tools we’ll use and what advantages they may provide. Yaballe & Zik is our primary tool for the workflow, but we will also utilize a chrome extension that will make life as a drop shipper much easier.

Yaballe – List Items & Monitor Your Stocks

Yaballe is the software we’ll use to list our items on eBay. Yaballe is a tool that will allow us to monitor our product’s quantity, ship automated messages to clients, and simplify things considerably compared with working manually.

Click to create a free account on Yaballe

You may copy and paste items from the most popular online marketplaces with Yaballe. Walmart, Amazon, AliExpress, HomeDepot, Overstock, Wayfair, and Etsy are just a few of them. In the following sections, we’ll learn how to utilize it.

Spy on your competitors with Zik Analytics

Zik Analytics is a product and market research tool that we will use. Zik will allow us to identify great goods to outsource from Aliexpres / Walmart & Amazon. Create an account on Zik Analytics for $1 by clicking here.

FREE Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping 

Autods Bulk Item Grabber (Auto-Ds Helper)

You may grab product URLs/IDs in bulk with Autods’ bulk item grabber.

This tool is extremely beneficial when you don’t have the time for market research but want to use your eBay store limits to their fullest extent.

You may just obtain the product IDs from Aliexpress/Amazon/Walmart in bulk and copy them – After you have them, paste the Info to Yaballe’s bulk lister. (Bulk listing Guide in the following sections)

Download extension here

How to Use the Autods Helper Extension

Setup the extension

– Go to Aliexpress/AMZ/Walmart

– Search for an Item

– Click on The logo below to extract IDS.

Then you will see a window

– Just press on ‘’Extract’’

ePacket Identifier – Aliexpress ePacket Hunter

When you’re looking for items to dropship manually, it’s highly suggested that you only deal with suppliers who offer ePacket shipping.

You don’t have to check manually with ePacket Identifier – it will show you which seller offers ePacket on your first search. Instead of individually entering each listing

Download here 

Priceblink – Automatic product discounts

After you’ve finished configuring Priceblink, you’ll be able to spot discounts in your Chrome and receive better offers on other marketplaces automatically. This extension works better with US merchants such as Amazon and Walmart.

AliTools – Aliexpress Seller Analysis

With the Alitools extension, we will have a superior user interface to work with Aliexpress suppliers. We’ll also be able to see how much the product has changed in price. If we discover that the seller sold the item for a greater price than it is currently selling for,

Download Alitools 

Bottom line

Here are the add-ons every eBay Dropshipping should have in his collection.

Start Working

Introduction to Start working section

In this chapter, I’ll go through how to use eBay & Yaballe automation to its fullest potential, as well as how to set up the optimal configuration and how to price your items so that you can break even.

Register to Yaballe

Create an account with Yaballe. We’ll set up the monitor and list our initial product.

Yaballe Settings

You need to activate your Yaballe account and link your eBay store after you’ve registered it with Yaballe and linked it to your account. (From the Yaballe menu, choose settings.)

Click on ‘Break Even’ and then hit the ‘Profit & Break Even’ button. Check that your breakeven is at least 20% – to cover costs and product expenses. The profit margin should be 15-20%.

We’ll now turn our attention to the policies page of Yaballe’s settings page.

Click the white box for “My eBay account” to see a list of your current settings. If you don’t see them, go to My Account on eBay and click Update Policy from there.

We’ve completed everything and are well on our way to launching our first product.

List your first product

List your First Product from AliExpress

On Yaballe Menu click on ‘Lister’;

Now copy your desired product URL that you are interested to list on eBay from Aliexpress.

That is all there is to it. Now your product may be listed on eBay!

The following information is all ready to go: so all you have to do now is select ‘List item’ at the bottom of the screen, and your item will be displayed on your eBay shop with descriptions and product details.

What will the Yaballe Monitor do when you click on “Get item?”

• Scrape Product Description

• Scrape Product Specifics

• Scrape Product Price + Breakeven & Your Profit 

List your First Product from Walmart

Walmart is one of the most reputable manufacturers on eBay. Walmart has a smaller amount of competition than Amazon does: more $ IN sales will be translated. Now, just as we did with Aliexpress, we’ll do it with Walmart. Simply alter the URL!

Cashflow Management for Walmart & US Suppliers

The flexibility of your cash flow is one of the most important advantages of working with US suppliers as a dropshipper. For example, if your store makes $500 per day, you may simply buy bulk gift cards from Triplemars and deposit them into your buyer account. Even if you are not from the United States, Triplemars can supply you with a daily supply of GCs.

List Bulk Items From Walmart, Aliexpress, Amazon

When you go to the Yaballa lister, you will have the option of using the bulk lister. For this, you’ll need to make a list of URLs for items that you wish to advertise.

You can simply add them to the bulk lister and let the monitor do the work for you once you’ve got them.

The Item grabber plugin is already covered in the Tools section – It may be used to scrape BULK product URLs/IDs, and then simply copy them to Yaballe’s bulk lister.

I went through in detail how to utilize the Autods Item Grabber to gather product IDs/URLs in bulk during my Tools Section of this post.

Yaballe will notify you in your email as soon after the list is compiled to let you know that all of your items have been included.


Introduction to How To Find Profitable Products

This part explains how to use the Zik analytics Analytics tool to discover Profitable items to sell on your eBay store.

Register to Zik Analytics (Hot items Finder)

Go to Zik’s website and create an account – Choose the Standard plan: You should be able to discover profitable items with this. They also provide a free one-week trial for new customers.

Product Research

Now I’ll show you how to identify lucrative products on Steroids, and… You’ll be able to sell them for 2-4 times profit margins. Go to Zik Analytics and select “Aliexpress” (In the search bar)

Assume that I’m trying to market a “Woman hat” on eBay.

I’ll begin by looking at which women’s hats are the most popular on Aliexpress.

Zik will assist us in determining which “Woman Hat” sold the most and made the most money.

Soon after we realized which ”Woman Hat” is the best-seller on Aliexpress;

We need to look into it; Which eBay sellers are selling the “Woman hat”? What exactly do they offer? How can we take action against this market?

• Step 2: – Enter the phrase ‘’Woman Hat”, which is also the name of Aliexpress’s product, into Zik eBay Search.

A list of “Woman hats” will appear in Zik. I discovered the product that I wanted to analyze the competition from other sellers. What I’ll do is pick the “stat icon” from the “Woman Hat” and then choose “Search on eBay.”

So! Assume you clicked on ‘’Search on eBay”, as shown in the image above – a new window appears, but there are no results;

You’ll almost certainly need to modify the title.

Now that I’ve modified the title to match Aliexpress items, I’ve discovered a few vendors.

• Edit title means: Remove Nonsense Keywords / None Relevant Keywords from the title.

As you can see, I cleaned the title and used the most Relevant keywords. Zik will now provide me with more Sellers and Accurate Results.

Here are the dropshippers I’ve discovered so far:

I decided to click on the “View on eBay” button, and I discovered that this vendor was making more than 80% of each sale (after fees) and had already made three sales. Is this a product that you should list on your eBay store? YES.

Competitor Research

Now that we’ve found a match with our Woman hat, let’s look into this vendor further; If he sold three pieces of this woman hat from Aliexpress, there’s a good chance we’ll discover additional interesting items that he dropships; Is this seller relevant to our market research? Most likely. Insert his store ID into the Competitor research tab.

– This icon will redirect you to competitor research.

We’ll receive a lot more information about this woman hat dropshipper now.

This information will help us to get a clear picture; Which Aliexpress Items are worth listing on our Store? Those items that he is already SOLD.

We can see that just by listing 1051 Items he is making $2161 a month. A Goal to add to your checklist: Find Another 3 Sellers like this one and insert them to your Competitors List in Zik.

Take a closer look at their listings and Reverse engineer the ones that have previously sold.

I usually just filter the results to see only items that sold at least twice this month and I then paste them into my store.

We’ll replicate the seller’s best listings and we’re done.

Let’s get started with the Seller Titles. Copy them, first and foremost.

Make a list of items and then research them on Aliexpress.

Once you’ve found them; Yaballe allows you to list them on your store, making a BINGO.

Building your competitors list

Now that we’ve learned how to discover competition and goods for sale, it’s time to make a list of 20-30 sellers who are also selling like us—dropshipping.

This will allow us to keep track of what’s going on in the market.

We’ll be able to show you those things before they’re crowded out by the rest of the market.

Let’s look for them manually.

I’ll show you now the first trick that I use to discover them.

When you come across items on Aliexpress that include a Brand name in the product title, copy the brand name and product name, then search.

As a result, we’ll simply copy Roreta and add Headphones to the headline. You can discover them as soon as you hit the “search” button.

Boom! 3 Dropshippers. 

We’ll now make a text file with all of our competitors’ names. We’ve gotten them. We’ll paste them into Zik Analytics and hit the button.

Every day, your competitors will do the legwork for you instead of you having to. All you have to do is copy their listings and you’re done.

The bottom line

The key to consistent sales is to always keep your eyes open to the competition.

You can see what sells and what does not.

You can keep track of up to 30 competitors on one dashboard with Zik. If you were doing it manually like the rest of the crowd, it would take days and hours for you to do so.

Zik will provide you with a significant advantage over the competition.

Account Authority

Introduction to Account Authority

When you’re just getting started with your eBay selling career, it might take you 1-2 months to obtain consistent sales on a daily basis. I’ll show you how I increase my account authority in this section.

Purchase feedback for 0.01$

The first thing you should do is purchase auction items for a low price – This will improve your feedback count.

Also, which option will they take: a shop with no feedbacks or one with ten? You should be able to know this:)

Let’s get started. Go to eBay and search for “Beads,” then select “Auction.”

Now you’ll notice beads, so go to the left menu and select filters. Select prices from 0.1 to 0.5 in the left menu. You should purchase 1-3 items every day (not more than that or your account will be banned) When you have around 10-15 feedbacks, your account’s trustworthiness increases, making it appear in eBay searches more frequently.

When you buy these items, you’ll receive buyer feedback from sellers.

It won’t have a negative impact on your store ratings, but it will improve the number of positive feedback you receive when potential customers see your business; They’ll notice 10-20 Feedbacks, not 0. It will result in a higher conversion rate. For $0.2, you can obtain 20 Feedback; It will not cost more than $4

Raise account limits In-depth

At the start of the guide, I was talking about eBay selling restrictions and how you might raise them by using Fiverr to hire third-party services.

I’ll go over how to perform this procedure in greater detail now. You may only raise your account limit once a month, so be sure to keep that in mind while you read on.

Our Account selling limits are an important factor, why? Because if we want to make more sales we will need more products.

To have a large selection of goods, we must call eBay and request to increase our limits. Before you call and ask for more store limitations, make sure the following list has been verified with your account:

• You sold your first Item 30 days ago

• You used your selling limits to the max

• You have all of your account information. (Address, phone, etc)

After that, you may call eBay and request an increase in your store limits.

When you apply for a limit increase, the following are typically the questions you’ll be asked:

1. What do you want to sell?

2. Who is your supplier?

3. Why you need more limits

1. Tell them that you are going to sell different products from various categories.

2. Tell them that you have suppliers from different locations in China & the USA.

If you will mention Aliexpress dropshipping it will not be good. So don’t. 

3. You are looking for more limits because you are simply interested to grow your business monthly revenue to expand and sell more products monthly.

You can reduce your sales limits by following the steps outlined.

Bottom line

The sales limits for your store are the key to your success. The greater number of items you have in your store – the more sales you will make. Always keep that in mind and call eBay monthly to increase your restrictions.


I’ll show you how to handle chargeback orders fulfillment and returns in this part.

Fulfill your first dropshipping order manually

Click on ‘‘sell’’ in eBay’s top menu to access your seller hub.

Once there simply follow the instructions I mentioned in the photo.

And click ‘’view sales record’’ You will be able to see the whole information of your buyer.

You can also see this information from the Yaballe monitor.

When you click on the “sales record,” you will be taken to a page with your buyer’s shipping information.

Simply paste the following data into Aliexpress/Walmart/Amazon and send it.

After 2-3 days, your Aliexpress vendor will post your tracking number to the site. Just double-check that you’ve copied and pasted it to your client’s purchase.

(Click on Add tracking number above product) 

Finally! You made it to the finish line. Now it’s time for you to take action. I gave you away all of my premium Methods to manage a dropshipping store properly.  

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